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Global Entreprenurship in Digital Era

The course topic is suitable for students, who are interested in or keen on becoming to entreprenuers or self-employed in different industries, where disrutive innovations drive radical changes in business models. The course consists of topics, which are in the area of start ups ecosystems and deep tech entrepreneurship. Students will obtain knowledge and they will increase their awareness of various FIN TECH firms across Europe. Also, the students will understand the complexity of start ups development and their role in global business by studying different case studies on utilizing deep tech approaches from highly disruptive and innovative industries.


  • 1. September 2023: 12.45 pm – 15.45 pm (CEST)
  • 8. September 2023: 12.45 pm – 15.45 pm (CEST)
  • 15. September 2023: 12.45 pm – 15.45 pm (CEST)
  • 22. September 2023: 12.45 pm – 15.45 pm (CEST)
  • 29. September 2023: 12.45 pm – 15.45 pm (CEST)


Blended form (materials provided via email upon the first online session in September).

Each session can be attended independently.

Target Groups

30 foreign students 




In total 20 academic hours (5 x 4 hours)


Register via mail to with name, e-mail, gender, country of origin, country of residence and typ of participant (student, academic staff, non-academic staff)

Participation fee

Free of charge


Škoda Auto University


Emil Velinov

Contact person




A four week online course (1. 9. – 29. 9. 2023) from 12.45 – 15.45 on Fridays 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th of September.

Interactive online seminars and lectures including the usage of digital platforms, case studies, online presentations and online group discussions

Learning outcomes and competencies:
After completing the course, students:    

  • understand what is the role of Global Entreprenurship in International Business
  • learn what is the role of Artificial Intellignece in the digital busines industry
  • acquire knowledge on technologies for digital business
  •  define what digital transformation is and business model Canvas
  • understand what it means to be digital-first company: how technology is driving digital transformation in the fourth industrial revolution

Course completion: 

  • The requirements for successful completion of the course are:
  • active participation (meaning not simple attendance but actual involvement in class) – 10%
  • group seminar work – 30%
  • case studies assessment in the online seminar sessions – 40%
  • group presentation – 20%

Course contents:

  1. Introduction to the Course       
  • Getting to know each other
  • Team Work Ground Rules
  • Guidelines to Team Assignments
  1. Global Entreprenurship
  • Mainstream and Critical Approaches in Entreprenurship
  • Global trends in Entreprenurship
  • Virtual cross-border teams in Entreprenurship
  1. Digital innovation and digital-first companies
  • Small business and unicorn start ups in digital era
  • Digitalization and Digital Born Firms
  • Disruptive innovations and New Venture Capital Firms
  1. Sustainable Business Model     
  • Canvas Business Model
  • Innovation Ambidexterity
  • Case study on Business Canvas Model
  1. Digital Business in shared economy
  • Challenges and opportunities in shared economy
  • Corporate Innovation Models
  • Case study on Digital Business in shared economy
  1. Presentations of final group presentations on Global Entreprenurship


Course Literature

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